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Adhesion and Biomaterials, Aesthetic Analysis, Isolation and Rubber Dam, Preparations, Bonding, Periodontal Surgery, Non Vital anterior teeth, Shade selection, Dental photo, Participants’ clinical cases, Hands-on

January session

31 january, 1th & 2nd february 2024

Inlay Onlay Overlay

Adhesion and Biomaterials, Isolation and Dental Rubber Dam, Preparations, Bonding, Subgingival margins, Deep Caries Management and Vital Pulp, Therapy, Root Canal treated Posterior tooth, Cracks, Participants clinical cases, Hands on

September session

25, 26 & 27 september 2024

Complex cases and wear course

Adhesion and Biomaterials, Diagnosis, Additive approach, VDO increase, Digital Planning, Complete Mock up, Preparations and Bonding, Hands-on

April session

24, 25 & 26 april 2024
Sold out

Direct Posterior Composite Course

Adhesion and Biomaterials, Technique, Isolation and Dental Rubber Dam, Matrices, Wedges, Rings, Pulp Vitality and Deep Caries, Participant’s clinical cases, Hands-on

Direct Esthetic Course

Adhesion and Biomaterials, Aesthetic Analysis, Stains, White Spots and Dyschromias, Shade selection, Isolation and Rubber Dam, Stratification, Composite Injection Technique, Traumatology, Periodontal Surgery, Dental photography, Participant’s clinical cases, Hands-on