General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1

The customer, in return for the training activities carried out, will pay the training fees indicated for each module. These fees are net of tax (in case of requests for VAT exemption validated by the tax form N°3511). These fees include catering costs.
The training organization Dentalclub in return for the sums received, undertakes to carry out all actions provided for under the training agreement and to provide any document and evidence to justify the reality and validity of training expenses incurred in this regard.

Article 2

Terms of payment: Online payment only, cashed 15 days before the beginning of the training.

Article 3

Dedication or abandonment: In the event of termination of this agreement by the client less than 15 clear days before the beginning of one of the training activities, the organization will retain a percentage of 100% of the total amount.
The amounts paid by the client as compensation may not be charged by (the client) on its obligation defined in Article L6331-1 of the Labor Code nor be the subject of a request for reimbursement or assumption of responsibility by an OPCA.
In the event of unilateral modification by the DentalClub training organization of one of the elements set out in Article 1, the client reserves the right to terminate this agreement.
However, the cancellation period is limited to 15 clear days before the planned date of begining of one of the actions mentioned in this agreement, in which case the training agreement will be terminated early.